Colic in Babies


Colic a term given to a baby who wears for more than three hours in a given day. Colic in babies is normal in newborns, which may begin from 3 weeks until four months of age.

There are many reasons why babies cry. Main reason is it is hungry or also sometimes just cranky.
But when it craves a little longer than before, then this means that the infant is colic.

Here are some of the ways you can make the colic go away.

1. Feeding the baby.

Baby could be hungry. So feeding them may end the colic.

2. Going outside.

Going outside may help to end colic. Taking the newborn on the carriage ride will be helpful.

3. Warm bath.

Warm bath will relax the baby and so end the colic. Also, make sure the water is not too hot for the child.

4. Music.

Music will help the baby to sleep without disrupted by noises.

5. Proper Diet for baby's mother.

If the mother eats food that produce gas, this may make the baby discomfort. Consult your doctor for the proper diet. Simethicone drops also will be helpful.

5. Changing Position

Changing position you hold the infant may be helpful. For example, If the newborn is in the crib, then getting it out and holding or rocking it in one's arms can be helpful. Sometimes singing a song is effective, as the baby will once again fall sleep.

There is nothing to worry about colic. This is part of the growing phase of the baby. Colic is not a disease or disorder and nothing to worry about.


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