Choosing The Best Baby Name


In a study at Ohio University, young adults were asked to predict the success of people entering new careers, based on information provided about those job applicants.

The results suggest that people subconsciously predict career success for those with names that more closely match the gender stereotype associated with a profession. Those whose names did not fit the occupation stereotypes might have a hard time landing particular jobs.

In an early project, Bruning, who has spent 20 years studying the psychology of names, found that these types of name stereotypes begin as early as kindergarten. The new study suggests those assumptions follow children into adulthood.

It has been shown that a name can influence what other people think about you, without actually knowing you. You might want to consider this when you are selecting the best baby name for your child. We have all done it at one stage or another. We hear a the name of a person that we do not know and instantly we start to draw a picture in our mind of that person just based on their name.

If you are hoping to raise your little boy to be a plumber, electrician or truck driver, you can start him on the road to success with a traditionally masculine name like Howard, Harry or Bruno. Conversely, steering clear of traditionally feminine names, like Linda, Susan and Jessica, might give your little girl the competitive edge as a prospective fire fighter, police officer or welder.

All this shows how difficult it can be difficult to choose the best baby name for your child. There is so much to consider it can be very difficult to decide.

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