Choosing Baby Names – Some Things to Consider


Newborn infants are the most precious thing in the world. Babies are a gift that nothing else can compare to or replace. Accordingly, it's important to make sure that the names you choose for your children are tasteful and suit them well. After all, your children will have their names for a lifetime and they should be as appropriate when they're fully grown as when they're small!

Picking a name can be a very time consuming process. Along the way you're likely to have many suggestions from well-meaning friends and relatives, but the most important thing in the end is what you want for your child. Parents extremely know best when it comes to choosing their own child's name. There are times when our parents or grandsparents want to influence what we call our children, but seriously, how many of you know a child in this day and age that would be happy with the name Gertrude or Norman? Honestly, follow your gut instinct. You may not want to hurt anyone's feelings, but remember that this is your child we are talking about here.

Most names have a particular meaning, such as 'grace' or 'strength', and it can be worth looking into this before making your final decision. If possible, it's great to pick a name with a meaning that you think will be appropriate for your child.

Be sure that you do not name your child anything that is mortifying or downright ridiculous, such as the name of a famous serial killer or some other well-known negative figure. This will definitely put your child through some horrible situations.

Also, if it sounds silly then it probably is! Try to imagine yourself being called by the name that you are thinking about for your child. Ask yourself if you would mind being called by that name.

Think about the feeling that the name you're considering gives you when you say it out loud. Names like Vicki Ray and Morgan Leann give off totally different vibes. Go with the one that most suits your precious child.

It sounds obvious I know, but try not to name your little boy something too feminine because kids can be very mean these days. Consider what that would put him through in school. The same goes for a little girl as well, try to stay away from overly masculine names that are just too much for a baby girl.

If you're stuck for ideas, these days the internet is a wonderful place to go for inspiration. Just search on a term like 'baby names' and you will be presented with a wealth of websites offering you all sorts of suggestions.

Take heart in the knowledge that you will get there and the name you choose will be the best for your child. No matter what, follow your instinct when choosing the perfect name. By all means get a few opinions if you want to, but do not feel you have to take everyone's advice. The number one thing is that the name has meaning for you and your child.

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