Catholic Baby Names – What Ones Are There?


Catholic baby names are very common among English speaking countries and even a few non English speaking ones, as well. They have a tendency to take on the names of all the various Saints of the Catholic religion. They have a strong feeling of rationalness and helping of those who are in need. They bring a sense of light and wonder for those who are of the Catholic faith. These names also seem to have a moral and spiritual significance to the families.

Catholic baby names are found to be made from the original Hebrew, Greek and Latin meanings and spellings. Although they are often pronounced differently depending on where you happen to live. Not only the Patron saints of the Catholic pantheon can be found, but they also come from biblical prophecies, apostles and contemporary followers of Jesus.

As with other religions, Catholic baby names seem to follow a unique guideline. Male baby names typically denote strength and well being, leadership and light, and the power to overcome obstacles with faith and love. Catholic baby names for boys such as Aaron, meaning the exalted one, and Adam, meaning the one made, or first man, are very common today.

Catholic baby names for girls represent a beauty and nobility for all females, placing them on high to be adored by all who see them. Names such as Amy, meaning loved and Mary, meaning beautiful, show us that females hold a special place in the beauty of the world around us.

Catholic baby names are probably some of the most common names in the world at this time. This is true even among those that are not of catholic tradition.

Patron saint names such as Paul or Peter for boys, and Mary and Anne for girls, are given to Catholic babies with the hopes that the Saints will guide and look after them through out their lives. Being named after a Catholic saint is a sign of good luck to most, and they strive to respect their namesake as often as they can. Even if they are not too sure about what their names' meanings are, they still know it holds a special affinity to something mystical in both a spiritual and inner perspective.

There are thousands of websites online that give lists of Catholic baby names. Two of the better ones are [] and . Visit these sites and spend some time going through the choices there.

Catholic baby names should be given to show the love and hope that the family wishes for their children. These names should be given to guide them through their lives in a moral and just way, much as the Saints and various Biblical figures would prefer everyone would live.


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