Bye, Bye Miss American Pie – Drove My Chevy To The Levy But The Levy Was Dry


Do you ever feel like something is leaking out of some small crack in your head, like a cracked pan or dish or a leaky pool or maybe you just can’t make that balloon stay up in the air? I think that is a part of what I have been feeling lately. I wonder if anyone out there is actually hearing me. Sometimes when we are on “over-load” or having “burn-out” nothing in life will go as planned. We just need to take a break to change the perspective. A fresh look makes the dots finally start connecting again.

I have so many memories of those happy childhood days, when everything was in front of me. I just had to sort out which direction life would take me. I had so much to hope and plan for and what I didn’t know then was – that’s what life is always about – which direction should I turn next. It’s too bad you can’t really know that from the beginning. I’ve become a believer that the kids that are coming now, come programmed and ready for this age of computers can do anything. All you have to do is dream it up. I saw a commercial the other day about these college kids dreaming up a way to create power using soccer balls some way. Are you kidding me? WOW, can you imagine?

I think with all of the many ways people can think up how to do anything, why is producing American Made products here so hard to make happen? Sometimes it seems a part of us has become numb to those precious freedoms that were set up just for us. Those same ideals produced an inspired and tenacious people who have built our country. Well, I still get goose bumps when I see our military marching for the cause or when saluting the flag. I still can feel our noble ancestors lofty goals when reading the constitution. My eyes have welled up with tears when I have visited the Lincoln Memorial or the Vietnam Memorial. Thank God I haven’t forgotten.

To each has been given his own set of tools and understanding. For some reason mine always flows to those wonderful people who laid the foundation of our lives. I think of how we are all connected and part of the larger picture that some cannot see and if we realize what our potential is then the ideal may be a little more possible. I remember a movie called “Independence Day” and what happened when the dust settled after the destruction took place and, once the people had to join together to fight the aliens, they forgot their differences. But, today, it seems all we think about is our differences. I think we have taken for granted those freedoms we have been given from the sacrifices of life and limb our brave countryman have given. There’s too much whining going on.

We cannot continue to take it for granted. I have learned at least one thing, that a bad spirit, greed and in general selfishness is always lurking at every turn. We have to really work against human nature to go the other way. I think if all of us will do one thing every day to make that change, before long good will overtake the bad. Paying it forward is such a good philosophy and I think makes a real difference.

That’s why we see so much on TV and News papers about this one and that one finally being caught with their fingers funneling the profits to themselves. All the having a foreign country producing our wares to make the extra bucks for the material things in life is evidence of that philosophy. I think that some corporations have forgotten what got them to the top in the first place. We have got to go back to employing our fellow Americans, doing our part to strengthen our country and I think that spirit will spread everywhere. Let’s not give up. Let’s help each other with a leg up, support the dreamers of dreams. It is time for us to wake up America. It is our turn to keep the ball rolling. Only then can we, once again, be an industrious nation and a happy people.


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