Biblical Baby Names


All baby names are beautiful and interesting and somehow unique but biblical baby names are a slightly different story. Most Christians choose biblical names because of their religious and spiritual meaning, but also as a sort of “blessing” for the newly born. If parents decide to choose Biblical names for their children, they won’t have a hard time finding something suitable, as the Bible has hundreds of beautiful and meaningful names to choose from. The Bible contains different names that come from different backgrounds and origins. Parents can choose the names from the Old Testament or, if they prefer a more modern touch, the names written and found in the New Testament.

The Old Testament give parents an important source of documentation when it comes to biblical names and here are some of these names found in the Old Testament with their meanings:

Adam – none other that the first man to walk on Earth. The name derives from the Hebrew word “Adama” which means ‘red earth’. Many parents choose this name for their first new born baby boy. David is another Old Testament’s name and it means ‘beloved’. And in fact David was considered to be one of the most beloved people found in the writings of the Bible.

Enoch – this is a common name found frequently in the Old Testament it has a special meaning too, Enoch translating as “dedicated”.

Solomon – Another important character in the Old Testament was king Solomon which is known for his wisdom so that’s perhaps why some of the parents want to use this name to baptize their babies just because this name represents a person with great judgment, great wisdom and also great power.

And there are of course several girls’ names found in the Bible and mainly in the Old Testament: the name Eve, which means ‘life’, and of course Eve was the first woman who appeared in the Bible same time as Adam did. It is a beautiful and meaningful name which lots of parents adopt for their new born baby girls.

Many people choose the name Rebecca (Rebekah) for their baby girl mainly because it is a beautiful name and for the life that this woman had.

The New Testament gives parents another important source for baby names research:

Tabitha is a girl’s baby name used by many Christians because of the wonderful story she’s described in the Bible. She was brought back to life by Peter. The name Tabitha means ‘small deer’. And perhaps the most common and the most used name is Mary whom everybody knows was the mother of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the Son of God. A lot of South American people choose this name for their new baby boys. It is an important and significant name which not many people consider ascribing to their children. Mathew is another biblical boy’s name because of its meaning ‘gift of God’.

The name Stephen is also ascribed to many baby boys because this character was the first Christian martyr. As you can see, there’s quite a large selection of biblical baby names you can choose form but the Bible contains hundreds of names like those presented above.


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