Bible Baby Names: What Should I Name My Baby?


Naming your child is a very, very challenging, even intimidating task. Have you considered naming your child after a biblical figure?

Naming children after Biblical figures is a fairly common practice, though it is not used today as much as it has been in the past. There are over 700 names from the bible that are traditionally used.

Of these, the most popular include:

For boys: Thomas, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Paul, Jason, and Isaiah

For girls: Mary, Maria, Trinity, Lillian, Faith, Sophia, and Nicole

Before choosing any particular name, I would suggest studying in more detail the biblical figure, and thinking about how that name will be associated with your child. It will be a part of his or her identity, something he or she carries with them forever.

So what name do you decide on? It is a big decision! But try not to put too much pressure on yourself, because no matter what you decide, it will fit your child. Try saying the name, pretending to address your child. Try a few different ones. What feels right? Make a list of your favorites, narrow it down. Ask others for feedback.

Your child will be a very unique individual, and using a bible baby name sure will be a great start as he or she learns more of the kingdom of God. It is also a good teaching tool, helping the child understand as he or she grows up, the history of their name and what that person did for God.

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