Best Baby Girl Names


How does one determine the best baby girl name around? And what is "best" after all, if not a popularity check of the current standards. Each time period had its "best" baby girl names and ours has certain visible trends that you may or may not want to follow.

If you do a quick search on the Internet on the term "best baby girl names", you'll find different tops and polls where users can pick the name they think is currently best suited for a baby girl. Obviously, these tops do not necessarily reflect anything other than a simple trend that can be different from website to website and they can change each year, or even each season, just to any other trend you might think of.

There are certain categories of names that you might want to refer to when cutting down the list in order to get the best baby girl name for your soon-to-be daughter. These categories can be: biblical baby girl names, unique baby girl names, popular baby girl names, historical baby names or celebrity baby girl names.

The best biblical baby girl name is undaunted Mary. It's a popular name in almost all Christian cultures and despite the fact that it's not uncommon or unique, it's a beautiful name that musters with spirituality.

If you're looking for a unique baby girl name, you'll need either to look in a field that no one would expect you to come with a name from, or simply create one out of nothing. For example, you can choose the best baby girl names out of the botany book, with the beautiful flower names you'll find there. Or if you're feeling creative, you can make up a good girl name, or even combine two existing girl names into one.

If you're simply looking for the name to be popular, you could aim for the names voted as being the most popular on websites mentioned in the introduction. Popular baby girl names may be a good choice today, but remember that the name trend changes quickly and what is hot today, may be obsolese tomorrow.

Historical baby girl names can be extremely meaningful and they can offer a sense of style to your daughter. However, make sure the name is taken after a famous historical woman figure, not after someone that's just mildly popular. Names like Jean, Elizabeth, Victoria or Madeline all reflect the personality of the historical figures that held them.

Last but not least, celebrity baby girl names are also in fashion this season. Unfortunately, celebrities have a distinct hobby of making fun of their babies, naming them in the most awful ways possible. However, naming your baby girl directly after a celebrity might prove to be a good touch.


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