Bedding Themes For Boys And Girls


After you've finally settled on the perfect crib, you now have to find bedding for it. Bedding may include bed skirt, fitted sheet, often a top sheet, bumper pads, and a blanket. You want your nursery to be something out of a magazine, so coordinating your bedding will likely be high on your list of things to do. Picking a theme for your baby's room will aid in making sure everything goes together well and will make decorating even more fun. Before choosing a theme, you should consider your budget, baby's gender, room size, and the color of your nursery.

For the most part, today, anything goes as far as color. Traditionally baby colors have been pastels, but more and more parents are using bright colors as well as contemporary color schemes to decorate baby's nursery. Choose wisely, as hopefully this nursery will last baby several years, with only a few changes. Painting the walls a basic color and using the bedding and other accessories to represent the theme will help the room to grow with your child without too much expense or difficulty later down the road.

Common themes for a girl's nursery are princess, ballerina, flowers, butterflies, fairies, garden, angels, kittens, and any Disney character. Almost anything goes when choosing a theme; and the availability of bedding to match is almost certain.

Common themes for boy's nursery are cowboy, sports, bugs, dinosaurs, cars, trucks, fire station, reptiles, jungle, trains, planes, and farm.

Common themes for a gender neutral nursery are teddy bears, puppies, Noah's ark, ocean, stripes, alphabet, zoo, crayons, plaids and checks.

For practical reasons, mom and dad should choose for baby what they think best; after all, baby will not have an opinion for a long time. Tomorrowmore, it's impossible to guess what a baby will grow up to like and enjoy. Therefore, decorate it how mom and dad like it and when baby has a voice it can be changed, usually fairly easily if the big things are kept neutral.


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