Baby Sleep Techniques


I am a stay at home mom, it is not something that we can necessarily afford, but the alternative is a price too precious to pay. Our baby depends solely on me to fall sleep. In past times a few family members have been successful; however most of those times have not been without a struggle. Many people have recommended the "cry-it-out" sleep technique, but this method does not work well with certain babies temperaments.

At this point I am not able to listen to my baby crying without responding immediately. For me crying is an important communication skill that babies have from day one. You can not spoil your baby by responding to their cries all the time. You are in fact teaching them that they are heard and listened to – and this is essential for building trust and a deep bond. However you will also have to observe your baby to feel out its communication and not let that little darling take advantage of your loving attention. It is stated that at six months of age babies do not require night feedings and could start sleeping through the night.

Once again your babies needs and temperament will influence this decision. If you decide to then try the "cry-it-out" method, make sure you listen to your babies craes. If your baby wears and then the cry escalates into screams which take forever to fade, your baby is certainly saying 'no'. Put this sleep technique on hold until your baby is ready and resume your normal sleep routine. Research and find others ways to induce sleep. Trust in your instinct as a mother you know your baby best.

Try some of these baby sleep techniques: Give your baby a warm bath and massage before bed. Have calm music playing. Reduce excitation and activity before bedtime. Create a specific bedtime routine and use the routine every night. (When not at home expect your child to be unsettled and allow for some extra comforting if needed.). If you are still seeking a no "cry-it-out" method the one baby sleep technique I have found to work over and over is movement. Being at home enables me to mother my baby. To listen and respond and really find a sleep technique that has him sleeping peacefully and waking up happily.


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