Baby Shower Hostess Etiquette


Does baby shower hostess etiquette allow for gift suggestions, if yes, how? Here you will find numerous ways how the host can provide the gift suggestions to everyone invited in a most systematic way.

Although, gift giving is something very personal based on the individual liking and disliking along with the affordability. But these days showers are becoming more trendy and generally geared towards convenience and suitability.

These days people are more understanding. Most of the time they are willing to give suitable gifts (that can be utilized by the recipient). Theme parties are inviting the old den of great traditions. Now the guests can be given gift ideas by the hostess according to proper hostess etiquette.

There is nothing wrong with giving gift suggestions according to proper hostess etiquette a long distance baby shower, then instead of attending these parts physically, people are able to send their wishes and gifts online too.

Obviously, your hosting duties can include providing gift suggestions to the guests. It is useful, especially if it is a long distance babyshower. Knowing the type of gift, guests would find it more convenient to send the recommended gifts.

But remember, if you are providing the gift suggestions, then you need to stick to the main party theme, if you have any. The guests would be thankful to you, for your hostess etiquette, and they will welcome your suggestions.

Before you send out invitations, find out the guest of honor's gift preferences. In many cases it is advisable to consult the mom-to-be and her other family members regarding their specific needs for proper hostess etiquette. Like what would be the most suitable gifts for the baby. Just in case someone contacts you to ask what the new baby needs.

Gift suggestions become more important for the subsequent showers as mom already may have some of the items. Remember the stores at which the new mom is registered. Then keep a list of gift ideas that coordinate with the theme.

For guests planning to give baby clothes, suggest sizes other than just newborn to three-months (the size of many babies' wardrobes shrinks at six months!).

Also be prepared to host or delegate a gift pool for those who want to contribute to a larger gift for the baby.

Best idea is to include a sheet with each invitation that lists the vital information like name, telephone number, customer ID, location of the store etc. This way the gift reaches the right hands at the right time.

However, in case mom is not registered, include a note in the invitation that if gift ideas are wanted you can contact the following person. You could also include your telephone number and email address.

So, if you are following proper hostess etiquette, then it would be much appreciated if you can provide gift ideas to the guests well in advance. This can be done in different ways, depending on what are more comfortable with.

A second mailing of gift ideas or registry cards can follow the invitations, or guests can call you with questions. Gift ideas are not generally given with invitations. Although baby registry cards or information are common. Again, it depends on how intimate the group of guests are.

Like in certain groups you can inform them using just a simple phone call. The key here is to know what the mom-to-be needs and wants. Then to be able to get that information out to the baby shower guests to make it easier for everyone.

Definitely, baby shower hostess etiquette provides that you want to help the mom-to-be and wish to share her happiness in the best possible manner. While the mom-to-be awaits the arrival of her new baby, the baby shower is a great diversion and honors her as her pregnancy coming to an end.

Organization is the key to an entertaining, successful baby shower. And knowing how to plan this special event can help make it fun for everyone involved.

Planning a baby shower should be fun for the baby shower hostess, not a chore. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to organize this special event.

Most importantly, remember that your attitude attitude and caring spirit while hosting will set the stage for a memorable shower for your honored guest. If you feel short of ideas then discuss, discuss and discuss with your friends. A little homework will pay you in multifolds.

Last but not the least, baby shower hostess etiquette means that you know that selecting a gift is a very personal thing. Only you will know mom-to-be better to decide on what is the right gift for her. Try to think about what interests them. Or maybe a luxury item or experience they would like but would never buy for themselves.

Choosing a suitable gift will also depend on your individual budget, willingness to give and how much you can afford at the time.

Whenever you get satisfied to suggest gift suggestions always be moderate and be practical (put yourself in the shoes of others to understand them). It should be something that suits everyone involved.


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