Baby Names To Avoid


Although it’s a widely spread “trend” to call your baby boy or girl with unique and oftentimes weird names, not everything is suitable for a baby and you have to think of how his or her name will affect your little one in the future. There are a few names that don’t fit in the society or culture parents live in so it is a wise thing to do an extensive search for the right baby name. Or at least do a research on the names that you should avoid. Here are some examples of names that should be avoided, along with the reasons for which they’re not very suitable.

Religion often comes into play when we have to take the tough choice of naming our baby girl or boy, but it is also a premise for awful naming situations. For example, if you come from a Muslim religion or culture, you should avoid naming your baby after characters found in the Holy Bible and vice versa. Although we don’t like to admit it, religious strife is still big in both cultures and it can cause some potentially serious problems for your baby in the future. It is also recommended not to use Christian names if you are Jewish or have Hebrew heritage. And although it’s a popular Latin name, some religious figures actively fight the use of the name “Jesus”, for obvious reasons.

If you are a Christian parent living in a Christian environment, culture or society it is probably best if you use Christian names and avoid gothic names for example; gothic names you should avoid are Babylon, Jinx, Lucifer, Maleficent, Shadow or Spirit. They all have dark meanings and growing up and living in a highly religious Christian society will cause problems for a kid named like that.

If you live in a really strict environment and the society does not accept trendy and modern names, then is best if you avoid names like Amethyst (baby girl name) or Maverick (baby boy name). You should avoid the name Maverick because of its meaning ‘wildly independent’.

You should also avoid naming you baby using fancy names or using celebrities baby names if you are not living up to their life style. Some clear examples of celebrity names to avoid include: Makena’lei, the name of actress Helen Hunt and writer and producer Matthew Carnahan’s daughter. Maddox Chivan Thornton is another weird name, given by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to their adopted boy. Definitely a baby name to avoid.

Banjo is another celebrity baby name used by actress Rachel Griffiths and Andrew Taylor for her son. Banjo is actually a stringed instrument of African American origin. It is best if you avoid naming you baby like a musical instrument or a weird clothing style as it will cause laughter and giggles among his school colleagues and later on, when he grows up, among his work partners.

It is so easy to choose a wrong baby name for your kid that it’s almost frightening. In the rush to be original and creative, some parents don’t understand the fact that a person’s name can actually be very influential on how he grows up and builds his personality. If he is ashamed with his name then he will probably be embarrassed and his self esteem might get hurt.


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