Baby Names – Is the Nevaeh Twist on Names Here to Stay?


What in the world is the “Nevaeh Twist” you ask? It’s the latest craze in spelling a word backwards to devise a new unique and original name for your baby. In 1999 only 8 babies were named Nevaeh, Then it started jumping year by year after that. By the year 2001 enough girls were named Nevaeh in the US it, that the name ranked 266 in popularity. Each year it continued to increase, 2002 saw Nevaeh move up to the 190th most popular baby girl name in the US. The next year 2003 brought it up to 145th, then in 2004 it just missed being in the top 100 names as it came in as the 104th most popular baby girl name. The next three years it continued to climb, 2005 it took over the 69th spot, 2006, the 43rd, and in last year in 2007 it was number 31. Will Nevaeh be the most popular baby girl name in the US for 2008. We’ll have to watch and see.

While the name Nevaeh probably started the trend,the trend continues. Nevaeh in case you didn’t know is Heaven spelled backwards. Semaj or James spelled backwards has ranked in the top 1,000 names since 1999 also, although it hasn’t climbed like Nevaeh. That could partly be because a large percentage of males babies are named after fathers while a lot fewer girl babies are named after their mother.

Many people are turning the spellings of words of places and things backwards to come up with new names for their child. There are few words that are turned backwards that actually come out to be a nice sounding name like Nevaeh, pronounced Nay vay ah, so the other’s probably won’t make it to the top 100 or even the top 1,000 like this name has done. However, more and more people are turning words backwards in the quest to come up with a unique rather than a popular name for their child. Navaeh is no longer unique and if you have a child that will be attending school in a few years, you can bet there will be more than a few Nevaeh’s in their classroom


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