Baby Names for Twins


The big question when it comes to naming twins is should you name them with matching names. Well the answer to that will probably depend on who you ask, your own feelings, and how you want your twins to feel about their names. My sister and are identical twins. We do not have matching names, and although it perhaps gave us a little more individuality, we always wished we had matching names. Had we had matching names we might be wishing for things to be the other way around but I really like the idea of connecting twins names in some way.

I like matching baby names for twins and it looks like most parents of twins like them too. According to the Social Security Administration’s Popular Names of Twins list for 2006, matching names still seem to be the most popular choice for naming twins. The top ten list of baby names for twins all have names that start with the same letter.

Popular twins names that start with the same letter

Jacob and Joshua

Matthew and Michael

Daniel and David

Ella and Emma

Isaac and Isaiah

Madison and Morgan

Landon and Logan

Taylor and Tyler

Brandon and Bryan

Christian and Christopher

Other ways to give your twins matching names is to name them rhyming names. Names that rhyme don’t seem to be as popular as names that start with the same letter or sound similar but some parents of twins like this. You can also pick rhyming nicknames for your twins.

Popular twins names that rhyme or have rhyming sounds

Gabriella and Isabella

Andrew and Matthew

Olivia and Sophia

Ethan and Nathan

Anna and Emma

Jayden and Jaylen

You can connect your twins names in other ways. They can have similar meanings or similar themes. This can give your twins a connection but is a little more subtle. This is a good compromise for parents that disagree on whether or not their twins names should match.

Twin names that have similar meanings or themes

Faith and Hope

Elijah and Isaiah

Noah and Abraham

Austin and Houston

Melody and Harmony


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