Baby Names – Choose the Right Name For Your Baby


Congratulations for your new baby. Now you need to give your baby a name. Choosing a name for the baby looks like a hard thing to do. It feels almost like giving him or her an identity.

Here are some tips to help you with baby names

1. Many families have traditions regarding baby names. Many times an elder, a grandmother or grandfather would come up with a name they think would be right for the baby, based on some traditional concepts.

Remember, this is your baby and the baby's name would be there for life. So settling for the name your grandma thinks is right may not be the best choice.

2. Do some research to look into the meaning of the name before making a final decision. Think of the baby's future. Would the name be a reason to ridicule him by playmates? Is the name based on some celebrity's name? If so, what if this celebrity would become notorious for a reason? Bottom line think for a while before deciding.

3. What are the name's initials? Do not forget to check this out. Do the initials stand for anything funny? Make sure the initials would not make the child the light of the class.

4. If you plan to follow the family's tradition regarding baby names, check around to find out if the name you think of had been used by others in the family. Just to avoid confusion.

5. Over creative? Giving a child a name that is over creative might get him into explanations for the name or spelling of it for the rest of his or her life.

6. Both parents should be involved with choosing the baby's name. It may even be wise to get others involved in the process as well. This way both parents would be able to talk this over and make a decision they would both be happy with.

Do not think all these are too many things to do just for picking a baby name. Think about the baby having to live with the name for life. This is the right prospect for this issue. Give the baby a name to happily live with.


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