Baby Names – Baby Girl Names and Baby Boy Names – What To Do When Parents Can’t Agree On One


Choosing a baby name can be a hot debate for some moms and dads, and the fight can get ugly. For instance, if daddy doesn’t want his baby boy to be named Cedric because he thinks it’s a stuffy, formal title, the wife might be offended if she chose it because it was her favorite uncle’s name. It may by that dad wants his baby girl to have his mother’s namesake, Esmerelda, but mom hates it. That’s how everything becomes a personal offense and the fighting gets rough. It’s a simple thing really, to name a newborn, so it’s ironic how difficult it is for some couples. The only thing the parents can always agree on is that the baby’s name must fit him or her perfectly. What they need to realize is that there’s no such thing as “perfect” anything in real life and that this decision is going to require compromise.

One great way out of this problem is to make use of the top 100 baby names and the middle name. The great thing about middle names is that they are flexible. If dad absolutely has to pass on the name of his great uncle Kaka, then so be it. Let the baby boy have the unique middle name and then search through the lists of baby monikers to find a first name that both parents can agree on.

Once mom and dad start with a clean slate for their infant’s name, they should decide what they want the title to accomplish. Should it be unusual and make their child stand out? Does it need to be a culturally or faith based name with deep meanings? Do they want their little one to fit in with their friends and so have a more common name? Answering these questions will guide parents to finding the right kind of names. After that, it’s just a matter of searching books and lists of all the popular, top or unique baby names until they find the right fit.


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