Baby Names and Meaning


Following the ultrasound which has just told you what the sex of your baby is, the first question you will most likely be asked is "So have you thought of a name yet?" Most likely you have batted some ideas around but have not actually made that final decision. One of the things that might be important to you in this process is baby names and their meaning.

An excellent place to begin your search is Baby Names World. com. Their claim is that you will find 27,000 baby names and meaning within their site. Happily, you are provided with a quick search tool to move you along in the direction you would like to go without having to wade through thousands of names you do not really like. You can search here by boys names, girls names, origin, alphabetically, top names, random names, and even a mean search.

Another fine source of baby names and meaning is This site boasts of 25,000 names including celebrity names. They really have made it simple to navigate and find just the right section for you. There are pages of cool nickname names and popular, but not everywhere names, among others. They also have some helpful tips to consider when searching for just that perfect baby name.

Baby Names has names from all over the world. Not only does this site give you lots of baby names and meaning, but there is a fun little page called The Baby Names Advisor. It allows you to put in the mother's first name and the father's first name, and from that, you are presented with suggested names for your baby. While you may not want to use these suggested names, it is a lot of fun to try.

If you are leaving in the direction of choosing a unique name for your baby, try visiting This site specializes in unique baby names and meaning. It is very easily navigated as the lists of names are broken down into sections. You can find everything from African names to Chinese and Spanish names, and everything in between. There are also some articles to advise you on selecting just the right name for your baby.

While naming your baby is a very important and meaningful event, it does not have to be a trying one. These sites are among the best ones on the internet, but there are also others you could spend time studying. Make it a fun project. Enjoy the time you spend looking at baby names and meaning. Maybe laugh a bit at some of the more amusing names. Then get serious, and select the perfect name for your baby.


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