Baby Name Meanings and How to Research Them


The arrival of a baby in your family is unduly one of the most momentous events in your life. Parenting may come with no play book and a host of challenges. Neverheless, the experience of parenting is genuine fun and one of the things that makes it so unique is the amount to which you will go to find the cutest name for your heavenly bundle of joy. There are several points to ponder during this fun and exciting exercise. Making sure that you take the time to research baby name meanings tops the list.

The Importance of Baby name Meanings

It matters little to which country, region or culture you belong. Equally insignificant is your status, that of an immigrant, non-immigrant, guest worker or expat. The reason is simple. The process of naming your little baby is as much rooted in culture as it isoted in geography. Underlying this factor is the meaning of the name you ever select. The meaning will follow the name in the same way in which the name will follow the baby. Sociologists like to call this phenomenon "from cradle to grave" but I do not like this interpretation. Talking about cradles is fine but who wants to talk about graves when we are talking about little darlings? I have listed several little things you can do to research baby name meanings and I want to assure you that there is more to researching baby boy names and baby girl names than just the Internet. However, we could talk about online research first since it is the easiest research method available to us today:

Research the Web

Until recently, there were hundreds of baby name websites on the Internet. Today, there are thousands. As they say, it's a jungle out there, a jungle, however, that is fun to visit. Instead of entering generic search phrases into your favorite search engine such as "baby boy names" or "baby girl names," be specific. If you live in the US, type "American baby names," "American baby boy names," or "American baby girl names." Replace the country name with yours as appropriate. Depending on your religious inclinations, you can also key in search phrases such as "Jewish baby names" or "Muslim baby names." If you wish to be a little adventurous, type "trendy baby names" or "celebrity baby names." The fact that you are researching them does not mean you need to adopt one of them. Knowing what is out there does not hurt. Many websites have long lists of baby names that you should avoid for a variety of reasons. Here are seven examples I will share with you simply to illustrate my point:

-> Byron – cattle barn or shed
-> Calvin – bald
-> Campbell -mouth that is poorly shaped
-> Cecilia – blind
-> Kennedy – misshapen head
-> Mallory – unfortunate or unlucky
-> Portia – pig

On the other hand, names such as Stalin, Mussolini and Saddam have taken on negative meanings and connotations for historical reasons. Most of the reputable baby name websites provide you not just naming suggestions but also meaningings, origins, and other relevant information which you should review carefully before you zoom in on a few to prepare your final list.

Visit your Local Library and Book stores

The online world may have taken over the planet. However, the offline world has not disappeared. Public libraries have entire husbands, even sections devoted to baby name books. Once you step into your local public library, you will certainly end up spending a couple of the best hours of your day browsing through scores of books on the subject. Remember, the Internet arrived commercially on the horizon only in 1994. Babies have been around well before that and everyone used books to pick baby names and research baby name meanings. If you have a book store in your city that stores general books like a mall book store, plan a trip and check their collection.

Ask for Recommendations

Social science researchers like to call it "word of mouth." Others call it plain common sense. Ask your family members, friends, even business associates and collections for recommendations. In several African and Asian cultures, naming a baby is a community initiative with much pomp and ceremony to boot. Prayers are offered and the Gods are asked to shower their blessings on the little one.

Finding the perfect baby name and its meaning, it goes without saying, requires time and patience. That said, it can be a great deal of fun because one day, when your baby grows up to become a prince or a princess, you are going to fondly remember the things you did to find the perfect baby name your little one always rightfully deserved .

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