Baby Name For My Child – What Every Parent Should Know About Baby Naming


Imagine if as parents you knew you had the power to pick the three top core characteristics of your child's character by virtue of what you choose as a name among boys and girls names. The name you assign to your baby's Birth Certificate along with the child's birthdate will determine your child's foundational blueprint through all of life, as well as the experiences he / she will experience through their own lifetime. The more insight you have into the powerful influence of your child's name before assigning that name, the greater the opportunity to enjoy the success he / she is capable of achieving, based on the vibrational patterns inherent in the name you have chosen.

Would you be open to researching this concept further before making your final name selection for your child? We present a scientific, mathematical approach, to what the whole subject of names with meaning really understands, that is meaning far beyond what the simple naming books address. If you care wherever your child grows up to be a leader, business executive, diplomat, lawyer, entrepreneur, entertainer, builder, healer, or teacher, for example, it behooves you to take a closer look at what you decide to name your child .

The naming convention you select influences the vibration you assign to the name of your infant. It has long been recognized through time that names play a vital part in directing and influencing one's destiny. Everything is named and numbered; therefore, Numerology explains the spiritual master plan that lay hidden in names and the numbers comprising them. Numerology, the science of numbers, converts the letters of your baby's name into assigned numbers, then applies a mathematical formula that determines the experience drawn to your newborn child coming into the world bearing the name you choose for your child.

Here's how the process works. Your child's name and birthdate together form the baby's "foundational" blueprint that he / she is born with, which remains with the child its own life or until there is a legal name change.

The baby's complete chart and life journey is indicated by the combination of the birthdate and the complete name assigned the child on its birth certificate. If you are selecting the baby's name before its birth, you can research the impact that name has as a standard effect. The name reveals the "personal" characteristics / traits (Soul / Heart's Desire, Personality, Purpose) and Soul Qualities or lessons to be learned in this lifetime. By generating the Chord chart (a partial chart prior to birth), we can discover the "three" primary characteristics that determine the design that your infant will grow into.

The Soul / Heart's Desire reflects your child's emotional life and inner motivations. The Personality forms the first real impressions your child makes on the outside world, and the Purpose reveals what your child's mission in life will be. Even though we can only generate a partial blueprint without the birthdate prior to birth, these three characteristics combined play a significant role in determining the most important "core" of your child's experiences in this lifetime.

It does not matter whether we are running a Chord Numerology chart for an infant or a Basic Numerology chart for a child or an adult, every person's blueprint has those three characteristics – and more – which will always remain the same until there is a legal name change. With a legal name change, the foundational blueprint may be altered slightly or very depending on the name change over a nine-year period.

It is highly recommended that sometime after the birth and before your child enter kindergartens, you order a Basic Numerology Master Chart (a character analysis) so you can learn what your child's foundational blueprint reveals. This will include your child's purpose, Destiny, all of their characteristics, growth Cycles and Challenges, Pinnacles, strengths and weaknesses and the soul lessons for this lifetime.

The type of personal information you will receive about your child will be very surprising to say the least, once we show you just how much information can be extracted from the chart. The information gleaned will empower you as a parent to guide your child with more clarity, insight, and understanding into the areas where you can help her / him the most. Learn your child's Destiny, Soul / Heart's Desire, Personality, Purpose, Life Goal, Birthdate Cycles and Challenges, Pinnacles and Soul Qualities and guide her / him accordingly by knowing his / her needs, strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge allows understanding the design or character of your child.

What's more important is that parents can now "test" the baby names they have selected prior to assigning a name, and they can pick a name based on knowing what the "core" characteristic influences are of that particular name.

Following are two examples of names selected that were tested to illustrate the three core characteristics of each name shown below. We have reversed engineered converted a name using the Chaldean Alphabet / Formula, a mathematical formula, into a partial, personalized blueprint as a result of the secrets that lay hidden within a name. Only Chaldean Numerology can decipher the child's unique "code."

Baby Name Selected to Research:
Jane Marie Doe

Calculates to the following three characteristics:

Soul / Heart's Desire = 7
Jane will be an intellectual type, analytical, seeking truth, wisdom, and knowledge with a keen sense of perfection.

Personality = 16/7
Jane's Personality will be different, serious, reserved, highly independent and self-sufficient but will be driven as a leader and devoted to family.

Purpose = 5
Jane's Purpose is life will be to seek her freedom, change and travel. Bringing forth new ideas for the purpose of expansion to pass these concepts on to others.

Baby Name Selected to Research:
Stephanie Marie Doe

Calculates to the following three characteristics:

Soul / Heart's Desire = 4
Stephanie will be a builder in every sense of the word. Must have structure surrounding her life; will be very dependable, loyal, stubborn and opinionated.

Personality = 8
Stephanie will be materialistic and image will matter. Having nice things, she will be ambitious and organized.

Purpose = 3
Stephanie's Purpose is to have a great time at whatever she does. Has a need to be around people; socializing, and will make money but working smart and not hart at whatever she chooses.

The purpose of the illustrations is to show you that a name actually has a very specific design (a partial DNA, code, so to speak), behind it and that parents can influence the characteristics of their child by using Numerology to decipher the code them choose for their child when that child is named.

Chaldean Numerology dates back to 4004 BCE when the Chaldees used this system to predict the future and to better understand their culture.

The name given to a child is the most priceless gift of a lifetime that parents can bestow on their child.

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