Baby Middle Names


When you decide to put a middle name on your child's birth certificate it is important to choose a name that bodes well together with the first and last name. You may even choose two, three or four middle names if you're feeling really impressed! The number of middle names usually depends on the parents will, it depends on their culture and last but not least, it depends on the society and country they live in. It is well known that Brazilians (well, South Americans in general) tend to have the longest full names, composed out of a first last and at least two or three middle ones. Parents can use the same guidelines that they used in choosing the baby's first name; but in this case they can be more creative. The middle name is hardly ever used; it's more of an element of uniqueness and often serves as a middle point between the will of the parents and a slightly weird, uncommon name that could not be used as a first.

It's often the case that parents give their babies middle names similar to famous locations, or even countries. As parents sometimes choose a middle name that represents something meaningful in their life, or something beautiful that they want to always remember, they may choose the location they spend their honeymoon in, or the location where they conceived their baby as his or her middle name . A lot of babies' middle names got to be Paris, London or York that way.

Country names are also popular in this sense. Some parents went in a spiritual journey in Israel for example and were left with a memorable experience. Therefore, they choose Israel as a middle name for their baby boy. Other popular countries for baby middle names include Holland, France or Italy. They all resonate nicely and also represent beautiful countries.

Another situation is naming your baby after a special person that you love or have a certain feeling of gratitude or respect for, such as a family member, a celebrity, or a friend. Parents can use that person's name as their baby's middle name, thus showing them gratitude.

Statistics show that middle names are becoming more popular these days than they were before in the United States, which is why so many people look for a unique and beautiful middle name for their babies. Another interesting thing about choosing baby middle names besides those written above, is the fact that parents can choose more than one middle name. If you and your spouse can not decide on a single name, you can each choose a middle name for your baby! There's really no problem in having two middle names and this way both you and your spouse will be happy.

Choosing a first name for your baby is definitely not an easy task. That's a hard choice and you'll have to be extremely picky about that first name. Middle names on the other hand tend to be more "fun" to choose, because they offer a bigger freedom of choice. Just make sure everything falls in well together and you do not get first and middle names that spring cacophonies or are otherwise too hard to pronounce.


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