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One of the most famous lines is "what's in a name," and yet one of the most important and daunting tasks for would parents is that of finding a perfect name for their baby. A few centuries ago, there was no problem: most boys were named after their grandmother and girls after their grandmother.

Now it is more difficult, with so many choices and options. Take a breath and think; do I want to choose a traditional name for my girl? Should it be modern or medieval? How about a family name? Or, how about selecting a name that is soft, pretty, and poetic? Make a list and go through it with your partner, family member, and friends. Be innovative – have a "name party" where every guest brings two suggestions.

Before you decide on a particular name think about how it will sound. Will it suit the genes that will determine how your little girl will look? Imagine calling a dusky beauty Blanche. Be sure the name when shortened to initials does not become something embarrassing, like "ASS" or "FAT."

Read through poems, medieval literature, biblical stories, history and legend, as well as books that feature popular names through the ages. Think about names you associate with joy and happiness, ones that can bring a song to your lips.

Name your daughter such that she and her name become one. A strong willful daughter must have a strong name, and a delicate wisp a delicate flowery name. The name you bestow must last a lifetime so, the name must be an expression of who she is. Select a name that conveys joy, warmth, and comfort. If it is meaningful, it will add a sense of confidence to the child, giving her a sense of history, belonging, and roots. Choose a name that is easily pronounced and spelt.

Weigh the pros and cons but extremely listen to your heart or a little whisper that tells you to call her "??" most mothers will swear that it is the most appropriate name for her, that she was born to be named such.

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