Baby Ferrets Need Attention


A female female ferret should not be handled during birth or she will become a hostile. Once she gives birth, a baby ferret can leave her mother after approximately six weeks. The baby will not be independent though, and will need special attention from the owner.

One of the first things to do after the infant ferret leaves he mother, is to have your baby ferret get the first series of vaccinations. At this time the owner should also consider having the ferret de-spotted and fixed so you do not have unwanted breeding. Seek out a good local veterinarian and introduce them to your new ferret.

The growing ferret needs to be gradually weaned off their old diet. It is important to find out what the ferret was eating during its first few weeks of life, and stay with that brand. If you want to switch, it must be slow and gradual or the ferret could put the food and become ill. Infant ferrets need a high quality of protein in their diet, and you should find a local pet store that carries high quality food.

A clean and spacious cage is very important for your young pet. They need to be comfortable and safe, and able to move about freely. A metal bottom cage is a poor choice as it can corrode, so go for a plastic one. Make sure your baby does not chew on the plastic wire cage as well. Put in some soft padding and a place for your pet to burrow and sleep. Make sure it does not eat the bedding.

Most of all, your new pet needs lots of love and attention. Ferrets are very active animals and need the right kind of personal maintenance to be happy and healthy.


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