Baby Crib Reviews


With nursery furniture costing hundred of dollars it really makes sense to do some research before you buy. Reading up on baby crib reviews can save you from making an expensive mistake.

The first place to look for baby crib reviews is to go and talk to friends and family. You'll get lots of advice on buying a crib and you'll know it'll be honestly given with no sales pitch from people you trust. This is great but you should be aware that the information, although honestly given, could be well out of date. Manufacturers are constantly changing their collections. So, when someone you know recommends a crib they have used, you should ask when they bought it; it might not still be in production.

Also, their baby crib recommendation might be based on things that you are not interested in. For instance, they may rave about their traditional, drop side crib, but you're looking to buy a convertible model so your child can sleep in it until adulthood. A manufacturer may make the best drop side but you'll still not be any wiser about the quality of its convertible cribs.

After talking to those around you, your next stop should be your local stores. Talk to the salespeople about the baby cribs they sell. What do they think of them? Try to find stores that sell more than one brand, even then, take what they say with a pinch of salt: they might be telling you just how great a certain baby crib is only because they get a great sales commission on it.

But it's still a good idea to go to a store in person. You can actually see and test out the baby crib. Check that it has all the features you want. If you want one with drop side, then make sure the gate drops smoothly. If you're looking to buy a convertible crib ask what 'optional extras' you have to buy – usually you have to buy the conversion kit additionally. And, does it need a special tool to convert? Most companies give you the tool anyway, but chances are you're going to lose it before you need to use it.

Read pregnancy and baby magazines. These will often have in depth reviews of baby cribs from trade experts. These reviews will be some of the best, unbiased reviews you will find anywhere.

You can not beat actual consumer reviews and ratings of baby cribs for honest and frank information. After all, they've sent good money and are using the model you might be thinking of buying.

The best place to find customer reviews of crib is online. Just type in the brand you're looking for with the word 'reviews' and just follow the links. Many online retailers not only sell products, they allow people to post comments on what they think about the product. Many also allow you to rate a product with marks out of 5 or 10 so you can find an overall rating on a product.

Get as many reviews about baby cribs as you can from as many different places as you can. The secret to buying wisely is information; the better informed you are, the less likely you will be to make a bad buy.


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