Baby Boy Names and Baby Girl Names from the Gods and Goddesses


Many of our baby names come from the gods and goddesses of the ancient Romans and Greeks. For example, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow, Martin comes from Mars, the god of war. And Flora was the goddess of flowers.

Some baby names come from place names of the gods. Cynthia, for instance, comes from "Kynthos," the mountain birthplace of Artemis, goddess of the hunt and her twin, Apollo, god of wild animals.

Gods and goddesses were titans, sea nymphs, tree spirits and other immortals. They roamed the earth and sped across the sky in chariots. They loved and they cooked – just like humans.

Let is look at a few of these baby names.

God Baby Boy Names

Achilles (Greek) means "Destroyer. Achilles was the hero of the Trojan War. His motherm a sea nymph, tried to make him immortal by bathing him in the River Styx. through that heel. Famous bearers of this name is the Emperor Achilleus, 3rd Century AD ruler of Egypt. Also, actor Achilles Bombanassa.

Adonis (Greek) meaning "Lord." Adonis was a handsome mortal youth when Aphrodite, goddess of love, fell in love with him. When Adonis was killed by a wild boar, his body was given to Aphrodite. A famous bearer is actor Adonis Kapsalis.

Hercules (Greek from "Herkles.") Hercules was the son of Jupiter, the king of gods. He was strong and was well-known for performing 12 mighty laboratories. Famous bearers include Agatha Christy's detective, Hercule Poirot.

Orion (Greek) meaning "Light." Orion was a hunter who fell in love with Diana, goddess of the moon. When he was killed hunting, Diana transported him to Heaven and turned him into the constellation Orion. Famous Orions are actors Orion Clemens and Orion Barnes.

Damon (Greek) meaning "One who Tames." According to Greek legend, Damon was so faithful to his friend Pythias, that he prepared to lay down his life for him – and was saved at the last moment. Famous Damons include author Damon Runyon and actors Matt Damon and Damon Andrews.

Goddess Baby Girl Names

Aurora (Latin) The Goddess of the Dawn. Aurora gives her name to the rainbow of lights in the night sky known as Aurora Borealis. Famous Auroras include author Aurora Dupin (Georges Sand) and poet, Aurora Cornu.

Diana (Latin) Goddess of the Moon and of the Hunt. The name became popular in the second half of the 20th Century. Famous Dianas include Diana, Princess of Wales and the actress Diane Keaton.

Daphne (Greek) meaning "Laurel Tree." Daphne was a nymph who taught the eye of Apollo. To escape his advances, she turned into a laurel tree. Apollo was so sad, he wore her branches around his head as his symbol. Famous Daphnes include author Daphne du Maurier and actress Daphne Zuniga.

Minerva (Latin) meaning "Mind." The Goddess of Wisdom and of War. This name was popular in the 19th Century but is rare today. Famous bearers are Minerva McGonagall of "Harry Potter" and the actress Minerva Urecal.

June (Latin) This name comes from the goddess Juno, Goddess of the Family and Guardian of Women. Famous Junes include actresses June Alllyson and June MacCloy.

We have just seen some of the most powerful and beautiful baby boy names and baby girl names from the gods and goddess of ancient Rome and Greece. Perhaps you found your own name among them.


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