Baby Blanket – A Few Things You Need To Know


A baby blanket is one of the most essential items for a newborn. It is also a favorite gift choice for a baby shower party.

Blankets for babies are not only cute, they are also a new baby constant companion. Babies love to cuddle in their blankets as it provides them the sense of security and comfort. It also shield them from the cold.

When choosing a blanket, you want to make sure that it is soft as the baby skin is very delicate and easily irritated by any rough surface. You want to make sure that the blanket is large enough to cover the entire baby's body. But a blanket that is too big may pose the baby to the danger of suffocation.

These blankets come with various materials. Fleece blanket is a popular choice as it can be wash easily and dries quickly, Fleece blanket is good for keeping the baby warm in winter. However it may be too warm to be used in summer and in places with warm climates.

Cotton blanket is another popular choice as it is long lasting and also washes easily. Cotton allows the skin to "breath" and it has the property to absorb moisture. Cotton is an organic product as it is not exposed to harmful pesticides and other chemical dyes. Cotton blankets do a great job in keeping the baby warm in winter and cool in winter.

Cashmere baby blanket is more expansive as it is more of a luxury item. Cashmere is soft and warm and has a nice texture. But it got to be hand washed. This may not a practical material for mom who need to handle lots of other chores on top of caring for the baby.

Shopping for baby blanket can be really fun as they come with super cute design. Pastel colors is a popular choice, as it is perceived as "sweet and happy" colors. And light color shows dust more easily. However, bright color may be good as it stimulate the baby sense.

When choosing a blanket, you want the design and color to bland with the baby crib bedding and nursery. Some blankets are designed as uni-sex but others are for only one gender. If you are buying a blank as a gift, it is always good to know if it is a boy or a girl.

In summary, you want to choose a blanket that is: ยท

  • Easily washable
  • Soft surface suitable for baby skin
  • The right size
  • Warm but not hot
  • Blend with the baby crib and nursery

Buying a baby blanket can be a lot of fun when you know what you are looking for. Keep in mind the above pointers so that you do not get distracted by a super cute design and ended up buying one that is not practical.


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