Baby Acne – What Is It?


When I bought home my beautiful baby girl I notice that day after day she had little red bumps appearing on her face. She was still beautiful, though my husband and I were a little embarrassed to show her off and scared about what this was on her face. After taking her to the doctor we found out that it was acne neonatorum (baby acne). I did some research and found out actually what it is and what to do about it.

Newborn baby acne affects 20% of new born babies. It is caused from the stimulation of the baby's sebaceous glands from the maternal hormones after delivery. The hormones from the mother cross the placenta into the baby and cause an over production of oil. The pimples may be present from the time of delivery, but usually sets in at 3 weeks of age and could last up until four months old. You can spot these blemishes on the scalp, chin and forehead. My little girl had it all over her face.

The most common type of acne on babies are papules, pustules and sometimes whiteheads. When my daughter was born I noticed the whiteheads first and then came the blemishes a week later. The advise I received was to clean her face daily using a mild baby cleanser and then just wait it out. If it looks to be a severe case of acne, please visit your doctor. The doctor may prescribe a topical cream to help the healing process. Baby acne will ever clear and you will not see blemishes again until the teenage years.

If you are embarrassed about your new baby having a face full of acne, please do not be. It is normal and it will go away. Take as many pictures as you can because as parents know kids grow up so fast. With the latest technology you can always have the pictures touched up. My little girl is now two years old and baby Acne is a thing of the past. Hopefully she will be one of the lucky teenagers that will not have acne, but if she does, after much research I know how to help her with that as well.


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