Are Baby Names and Meanings Important? Yes!


Baby names and meanings have become more and more important to parents. Parents have started choosing names more on the basis of the meaning then on the name itself. Parents who have a child that they feel is a blessing will often look for names that mean blessing from god, blessed, etc. Also I think a lot of parents feel if they choose a meaning that is grandeur in nature then that child may become something big-shot.

Lets take a look at some baby names and meanings to see if any are right for you. If your looking for something that means blessing of God then you can choose from names like Esosa, Chinue, or Debashish. If you want something that just means blessing then Aashish, Chriki, or Branda will all give you that.

Do you want your child to be a leader or just looking for a name that means leader? Dean, Dona, Lusila, and Tarver all mean leader. Do you want to name your child after the day of the week they are born? Then these names should help.

Adva, Domingo, Kwashi and Palmiro all mean born on Sunday. If your child is born on Monday then there is some slim pickings here with only Kudio. Jumaane and Mardi are both for baby's born on Tuesday. Yokkako is from Japan meaning child of the fourth day. For Friday you can choose from Afua, Jimoh, Jumah and Koffi. On Saturday Ama and Sanya are your two choices. You can also choose Natalie, born on Christmas or Pascasia for Easter.

Baby names and meanings come in all different shape, sizes and styles. If you want to go for a more classic name then there are plenty to choose from like Elizabeth meaning consecrated to God or Sarah meaning princess. For boys choose Joseph meaning God will add or Paul meaning small.

Whatever baby name you choose it is important that you are comfortable with it, since you will be the one saying and writing it over and over. Also you want to make sure that it is a name your child will enjoy.

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