American Baby Names


Americans have the capacity and the quality to create and improvise baby names that sound great and beautiful any given time of the day. For Americans, the most important name written in your birth certificate is your first name but an increasingly important role is attributed to the middle name and the combination it forms with the first. In the spirit of the cultural variety of the United States, American baby names are usually derived from many other languages, with an obvious emphasis on English baby names.

There are also a wide variety of unique American names that are derived from names related to history, different location names, color meanings, flowers, fictional characters, or names that have religious origins. But not all people respect these types of genres;

An increasing number of American parents tend to opt for a more non-conformist type of choosing a baby name than by simply choosing from the above-mentioned categories. Some choose to create original and unique baby names by themselves, others choose to combine existing names to form new ones, whereas others are influenced by mythical or interesting cultures when choosing their babies names, such as specific ancient Greek or Roman names, or Native American baby names.

Today, most Americans ask themselves a couple of simple questions before actually choosing a name for their babies, namely questions like:

If I choose a certain name for my baby, will it suit him or her?

Will it affect my babys success in life?

Will this name be popular 20 years from now, or will my 20-years old son be taunted by his friends because of his dated name?

When choosing a name, should I choose a traditional American baby name or a name with religious or historical signification?

Will an unusual or exotic name suit my baby or should I stick to the casual ones American baby names?

These are just a few questions that need to be taken in consideration when deciding on your babys first and middle names. Just make sure that the names that you choose sound well together and you dont get combinations such as Monica Catherine and the horrible cacophony it comes attached with.

Here are a few examples of popular American baby names:

Casey is a nice American baby boys name that has a pretty meaning: brave. Sandy, which is a derivate of the Greek name Sandrine, is another American baby girls name with a special meaning: defender of mankind. Darlene is a beautiful American baby girls name that has sounds similar to darling. Vivian is a girls name and its meaning is alive.

For those who want names with a religious meaning or message, Tina is a good American baby girls name choice, as it means a follower of Christ. Here are some Native American baby names, if those other examples werent what you were looking for: Howi is a Native American baby boys name originating from the Miwok clan and the name can be translated by turtle dove.

Another Native American name with a Zuni origin is Malia. Malias translation is Bitter or sea of bitterness, which is not necessarily pleasant, but then again, who will know what your babys name actually means anyway?


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