African Baby Boy Names and Baby Girl Names – the Bold and the Beautiful


The sounds of African baby boy names and baby girl names are as soft as the breeze. The baby names and their meanings go back through the mists of time. Often, African baby names and their meanings reflect nature such as rivers, or the southern wind. Some describe qualities like honor, beauty, and strength.

Baby names from Ghana often tell the day when the baby was born. Others say in which order the baby was born, as in first born, second, third and so on.

African baby names come from over a hundred languages and thousands of dialects. Often, baby names are influenced by other languages such as Arabic, English, and French. African baby names come from Swahili, Kiswahili, and Yorba. There are those from Amharic, Xhosa, Ibo, Twi, Dinka, Kikuyu, Ewe, and many others.

Let us look at some of these handsome names.

African Baby Girl Names and Their Meanings

1) Aisha – (Swahili and Arabic) meaning “Life”

2) Nuru (Swahili) meaning “Light”

3) Bibi (East African) meaning “Daughter of a King.” Also a Kiswahili name meaning “Lady”

4) Wub (Amharic of Ethiopia) meaning “Gorgeous”

5) Fola (Yorba of Nigeria) meaning “Honor”

6) Ismitta (North African) meaning “Daughter of the Mountains and the Moon.” This is the name of the southern wind

7) Gzija (Ewe of Ghana) meaning “One who is at Peace”

8) Isis (Arabic) meaning “The Goddess Isis, guardian of the Nile River.” Isis was worshipped in Egypt and in the ancient Kingdom of Meroe, in modern Sudan.

9) Deka (Somali) meaning “One who Pleases”

10) Lulu (Swahili and Arabic) meaning “Precious”

African Baby Boy Names

1) Simba (Swahili and Kiswahili) meaning “Lion” and “Strong”

2) Rafiki (Kiswahili) meaning “Friend”

3) Xola (Xhosa) meaning “Stay in Peace”

4) Habib (Swahili and Arabic) meaning “Beloved”

5) Kofi (Akan, from Ghana) meaning “Born on Friday”

6) Ghali (Kiswahili and Arabic) meaning “Precious”

7) Idrissa (from Senegal and Gambia) meaning “Immortal”

8) Mensah (Ewe, from Ghana) meaning “3rd Born Male”

9) Kojo (Ashanti from Ghana) meaning “Born on Monday”

10) Kito (Swahili) meaning “Precious”

African baby boy names and baby girl names and their meanings tell a story. The story continues as parents leave their homeland of Africa and travel the world.


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