A Special Surprise for a Special Delivery


When you're attending a baby shower and you're tight on money, there are still some good ideas to help you not enter the party empty handed. Do not let not having the funds stop you from going to celebrity with your family, co-workers, or friends. While all of the following gifts are not damaging to the pocketbook, some of them are free. Trust me when I say every mother will appreciate what these gestures have to offer.

If you know what the baby's name is going to be, try writing an acrostic poem as a tribute to him or her. Type it up on the computer or use your own handwriting skills and place it upon decorative paper. If you are not aware of the child's first name, then you could use the word baby followed by his or her last name. Putting the poem in a frame adds nicely to the presentation. It's a touching moment when the mother sees this sentimental gift.

Offer your babysitting services for when the new mommy will be ready for her first time away from home. Make homemade certificates using colored paper and marks. It may be surprising how hard it will be for her to find a trustworthy and reliable babysitter. By doing this, you've already done the work for her. She'll be able to have a night of relaxation since she knows her baby is in good hands.

Whether she tells you or not, every new mother needs help around the house. Create chore coupons, letting her know that you'll come over to help around the house, while she's recovering from having her baby. Even though, the word chore is used here it does not mean you'll have to do strenuous things. You create the workload by what appears on the coupons. It could range from doing a load of laundry, to preparing a casserole for dinner, to simply keeping your eyes on the baby if she needs some rest.

If you are crafty then there's always the option of knitting booties, cross stitching something sweet, or painting a picture to match the theme of the newborn's room. Chances are if you already do these things as a hobby, then you'll have some spare materials in the house to use.

As you can see, all these ideas are either free or are of little cost. Mothers are most grateful for the gifts that take creative thought and effort. Do not shy away from doing things like this even if you have extra money. Years later, these will be the people people remember because a little creativity leaves an impressive impact.


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