A Meaningful Baby Name


Having a baby is one of the most moving and meaningful moments in the life of a parent. Just think, when you go through the big changes that brings a child into the world entails, your names change forever from the first name your parents have you to "Mommy" and "Daddy". In a lot of cases you and your spouse will even get in the habit of calling each other by those names which can become a habit for the rest of your lives, or at least until your names change again to "Grandma" and "Grandpa" .

So it's not uncommon to want to give your newborn child a name that is rich with meaning as well. Most of the common names that reach great popularity do have a history that may go back centuries in cultures from around the world. So by finding a good book of baby names or a web site such as babynamesworld, you can have some fun looking for names that have special meaning.

However, in reality, you have to wonder how meaningful that name will be to your child. If you took 50 children into a room and asked them to tell the meaning of their names, you would probably be looking at 50 blank stares. And when it comes down to it, western people really do not think about the origins or original meanings of their names. It is more a trivia game to know that Jane means God is gracious or that Alexander means defender of men or that that George means earth worker or that Erin means from Ireland. It is hardly something that will form the character of a child.

So to select a baby name that is meaningful in a true way, its best to connect the name to something the child will come to value as he or she grows up. That is why giving your child the name of a revered grandparent or someone from family history is very meaningful. Despite the fact that sometimes they do not act like it, family is important to children and if they feel a connection to their family history that gives them validation and meaning.

Simply using your child's name as a connection to their legacy can be very meaningful to a child. In ancient cultures, a child is born into a village that may have been there for centuries. There is a sense of national identity and social value that comes just from being "a Frenchmen", "A German" or "An Irishman". And even though in modern cultures there is patriotic pride, a connection to a child's ethnic origins can have deep meaning for them over time. And a child's name can have very rich ethnic meaning to him or her.

There are many sources of meaning that can make the naming of your child an event that Touches something bigger and better than the child or even the family. Giving the little one the name of a famous figure from history or popular culture can provide a connection to an inspirational leader. Reagan, Kennedy, Lincoln or Washington are first names for both boys and girls that connect to leaders in our culture that have changed things for the better.

Biblical names or names from religious history have a similar power to put deeper meaning behind the name of a young person. Or if your family has a great appreciation for the arts, names from the world of painting, film making or music can also reflect your admiration for the greats of that genre and connect your child to that world in a very natural way.

Once you open up the world of meaningful baby names, you may have trouble narrowing down just the right name for your child. Use normal common sense when using a meaningful name such as how well the name works with your last name and whether the name will be pronounced and workable in an every day sort of way as well.

But by adding layers of meaning to the name of your child, you provide history, culture, family connection and role models which shoes any child would do well to grow into and in a way, you are starting the task of molding that child to live up to that meaningful name in their future as well. And that is a good calling for any young person to live up to.


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