A Fit and Running Mom? Here's a Double Stroller For You!


If you like to keep in shape and are an active runner or jogger, then the Ironman (R) name is certainly one with which you are familiar. I have a friend in fact who has competed in ten of them! For those unfamiliar, it consist of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 miles of a bike ride, and then to top it off, a standard 26.2 mile marathon … Wowzers indeed!

So enter the Ironman Sport Utility Stroller Duallie. I have only seen it in a bright yellow color, but it might come in some other ones now. This thing is pretty slick, I do have to say. And you can imagine with the pedigree of the name, it is build to stand up to some serious exercising.

The wheels are really attractive in my opinion. They are spoked like a car's. The front wheel is pretty tight and does not wobble at all. It has a rear wheel brake that keeps the stroller in place when you need to catch your breath or stop for a bit. Again like a lot of fancy double stroller choices, the two seats are independently reclining and they each have their own canopy. And for those curious, yes, it does fit through doorways about 32 inches wide and less.

But the main feature that makes this beauty stand out is the smoothness and ease in which you can move with it (naturally huh, since that's the appeal of a 'sport utility' :)). While I have not run extended lengths with it, my short time with this Ironman Sport Utility proved that it's got the goods. You know how it is, it does not always take a long time to figure out when something feels just right and comfortable for you. That was the case here.

The only potential negative drawbacks I can see with this stroller are that that does not come with a lot of accessories. Some people like to have all their sport drink bottles, towels, and baby supplies in tow in the double stroller, and here there is just not a whole lot of extra space. You can always simply toss the bottle into the big mesh basket at the base of the stroller. But I know some people really like the bottle to quickly be in arm's reach by the handles. If that is the case for you, then you can look for an attachment that I know a lot of stores will have in stock as well.

Definitely put this one on your short list if you're looking for the best of the jogging and running strollers. Especially if you're interested in one that will give your little ones some wind in their face and a big smile to go along with your fun run too!


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