7 Baby Naming Pitfalls


There are numerous pitfalls and questions that run through your mind when you have to name your baby, whenever the names, you have shortlisted are over-popular, have embarrassing initials or not great meanings. The joyous time of welcoming a baby in the house and giving him / her a name definitely does not need to be a Herculean task.

Here may be many snips when it comes to selecting the right name for your child. If the name you have chosen does not fall into most of these, then you have made the right choice!

1. Embarrassing initials of the name : A name like 'Alisha Sarah Smith' may be the perfect choice toill you actually look closer and realize that the initials are not the ones that you would prefer your baby girl to have. So is the case with Sean Anders Davis as it is perfect as a name but the initials are not exactly the ones that would sound good. Sad, is not? So this aspect definitely needs to be looked into.

2. Nicknames: While naming your child, another area that requires some thought is nicknames. There are some names like Charles or David that go well with surnames but nicknames like Chuck of Dave may not go that well with them. Choose a nickname that will suit the kid and has a good sound when spoken with the surname.

3. Corrections Every time : Certain names like Isla which is pronounced 'eye-la' is ever going to be one of the names that will require people to be corrected while spelling as well as while pronouncing it. But it is a fact that most of the names which have a good meaning are either mispronounced or not properly spelt. If you think you or your child will be alright with the corrections that he / she will have to do to the people who either mispronounce it or do not spell it properly, then you must go for it.

4. Average Meaning : There may be many nice names which sound perfect but either do not have the kind of meaning a name should have or they may just be average meanings. Your child is special and he / she describes a name that has a great meaning which one can boast of to others.

5. Overly Popular : There are several parents who home on to a name but after they have searched for its over-popularity on the internet, they decide not to go for it. This is basically because of the fact that people have an inherent tendency to be a little different from others and feel that naming their child with a unique name is a way for them to stand out and be noticed. It's true that most of the parents want to name their girl child something which is grooving through the list of top baby girls names, but not the ones that are too much common and already used.

6. Names not to live up to : To avoid the fate of names, one should search the full names over the internet and see what results you get. So to avoid the possibility of knowing that your 5 year old's name is similar to that of the porn king, one should be careful in selecting the name.

7. Problem in name pairs: If your newborn child has an older sibling, then you must try saying the names of both the children together. If the combination sounds great, then you must go for it. You will be saying both the names together a lot of times, so the pair must sound good together.

The fact is that even if you keep all these points in mind, there are bound to be some or the other pitfalls in the process of naming your child. There is no way to avoid any factor that you will feel after you have named your child.

Ultimately, the one factor that is most important is that you and your spouse should be happy with the name.


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