6 Reasons to Invest in a Baby Sling


There are three very different opinions mothers have about baby slings. There are those who have never heard about slings and never tried them. There are those who have tried them but did not get the full effect of them because either they did not have the right kind or the right size or they just were not using them correctly. Then there are the ones who are die hard fans of baby slings and they could not imagine life without it. Where do you fit in? No matter what category you fall into here are six great reasons to learn about, reconsider, or brush up on your knowledge of slings.

  1. Extra set of Arms- Ever wish you had four arms instead of two? A baby slings allows you to hold close to you without actually using your hands. You are free to multi task.
  2. Go Anywhere- A sling makes you and your baby one unit like when you where pregnant. You can go pretty much anywhere you did when you were pregnant with out a bulky stroller or tired arms weighing you down.
  3. Space Saver- There is nothing that you will find that folds up smaller than a piece of material. You can fold it in any way and it is not going to take up much room in the diaper bag. Your diaper bag is already stuffed to the brim with diapers and bottles and other essentials so a space saver is very important. Plus it is super light weight, no more than a pound.
  4. Baby is at Your Level- Your baby sees the world as you do when they are in a sling. Studies have shown that a baby is more social and content when they can constantly see your face and experience social interactions with you.
  5. Baby Loves It- The natural movement, the warmth, the closeness of material, hearing your heartbeat this is all very reminiscent of your womb. This is why a sling can soothe a baby like no other equipment could ever hope to simulate. Pediatricians like Dr. Sears recommend slings especially when you need help to calm a colicky baby.
  6. Keep Baby Close- See, touch, hear, kiss, breastfeeding all with little effort and at any time. Carried babies are much more in-tuned with their mothers. You will be amazed how much more you can interpret your babies craes.

It's no secret why the die hard baby sling users carry their babies, they know how to use them and they work. Any mother or father can find the perfect baby sling, and any mother or father can become an instant fan of slings. Learn more about baby slings. Do not be afraid to ask questions and find your perfect baby sling.


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