5 Top Places to Find the Best Baby Names and Their Meanings


Is it time to choose that special baby girl name or baby boy name? If so, then let us look at the 5 top places to find the best baby names and their meaning.

A magnificent baby name is a once-in-a-lifetime gift from a parent to a child. A wonderful first name will be the joy of that child as he, or she, grows up. In their minds and in ours, he will always be the only William, and she the only Charlotte, in the world.

So, grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair while we go in search of the best baby names in 5 top places.

Here we go.

Baby Names from the Gods and Goddesses

These names are from the ancient Greeks and Romans. Their gods and goddesses had mighty and beautiful names that are still popular today. Here are just a few of them:

Selena – (Greek) meaning "The Moon." Selena is the moon goddess.
Minerva – (Greek) meaning "Wisdom" or "Mind." Minerva is the goddess of wisdom.
Jason – (Greek) meaning "The Healer." Jason is the legendary hero of Greek mythology.
Hectior – (Greek) meaning "One Who Holds Fast." Hector was the fearless hero of the Trojan War.

Baby Names from last Names

In the 19th Century and still today, it is a tried and true custom to name children after a family name. It may be the mother's maiden name, or that of a grandfather or grandmother. Here are two popular last names used as first names.

Ashley – (Old English) meaning "One who Dwells in the Ash-Tree Grove." Ashley is a popular girl's name.
Hayden – (Old German) meaning "One from the Hedged Hill." Hayden is a boy's name.

Baby Names from Heros and Heroines

These heroos and heroines are from the great literature of the world.

Emma is the beloved heroine of "Madame Bovary" by Gustave Flaubert.
Rowena is the beautiful heroine of Sir Walter Scott's "Ivanhoe."
Paxton is the hero of "The Thousand Islands Snatch," by Nicholas Monsarrat.
Adam is the unforgettable hero of Vladimir Nabokov's "Bend Sinister."

Baby Names from Family and Close Friends

Many new parents name their children after themselves or after their own parents. It is very common that the first born boy is given the father's name. But a child may receive grandmother Hallie's name, or that of Uncle Louis, or beautiful Aunt Margaret.

It is not unheard of that a child is named after his or her godparent. And, of course, many children are named after a close friend of the parents.

Baby Names Chosen by the Baby

Very often, the baby himself, or herself, inspires a name in the mind of a parent. A child may be named for a certain quality. Such names may be Loyal, Joy, Faith, Ernest, Hope, or Grace.

Sometimes, a parent gives a child an inspiring name such as Magnus for a boy, meaning "Great." Or a little girl may be named Felicia, meaning "Happiness."

Well, that is about it. I can only hope these 5 top places to find the best baby names and their meaningings will help you find a magnificent name.


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