5 Great Ideas For Your Baby Footprint Stamp


Scrapbooking is growing in popularity, and with scrapbooking comes stamps. Whether you have a rubber stamp or you make your stamps yourself out of potatoes, there are many more ways to use baby footprint stamps other than just in a scrapbook.

Here are five fun baby footprint stamp ideas that will take your stamps out of your scrapbooks and into more and more creative projects.

Table cloth:

Take a plain table cloth and dress it up with a baby footprint stamp. You can do the whole table cloth na systematic pattern or very abstract. You could also do one in each color, or where each place setting will go.

Name Cards:

This is a great way to use the baby footprint stamp. Get a small piece of construction paper, in a light color. Add your stamp to one side and then put the person who will be sitting there right next to it. This will keep your seating arrangements right on target with a cute look.


Using child safe ink add a baby footprint stamp to at shirt for a very personal gift. This would be great for mother's or father's day or even granparent's day. You can add a thoughtful sentiment with fabric pens. Make sure to run a dry iron over your ink footprint to set the ink so it will not wash out in the wash.


Whether it's for dad at the grill, or mom in the kitchen a personalized baby footprint will make any apron a pleasure to wear. This would be another great opportunity to add a sentiment for the person who will be wearing it. You can make these gifts very personal and unique. Again, remember to use a dry iron over your ink to set it in.


You can use your baby footprint stamp on your invitations, or even on the back of the envelope. Whether you want to make your own or use a kit this is a fun idea, and will set the mood for your event.

As you can see your baby footprint stamp has a whole lot more more uses than just creating adorable baby pages in your scrapbook. You can use it to design gifts, or create an adorable baby footrprint theme for a baby shower or even for a little one's first birthday. It's a lot of fun to take your scrapbooking stamps and use them for out of the box ideas.


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